Zanetti collezione estiva
Zanetti collezione estiva

Made in color is a joyful dialogue between past and future: connected to her minimal and functional origins, the Zanetti woman moves toward contemporary contrasts thanks to bright and vivid colors.

Energy and colors, brilliant and dynamic shades...

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Denim e jeans

Segret Garden

A love for nature and beauty continues in Secret Garden, exploding with the colours of the exotic
plants and tropical flowers of an oriental garden, in a picturesque postcard where the main protagonist
is the feminine soul.

Nature is to be found in the textiles, too: pure linen, cotton muslin and cotton with Sangallo embroidery, are all homage to a female explorer of distant lands and cultures.

For a woman who wants to be fashionable as well as



Ogni uomo ne possiede una.

Dallo stile più casual e informale a quello più classico ed elegante, la camicia è il capo d'abbigliamento maschile per eccellenza.

Un capo versatile e senza tempo, dal fascino intramontabile.

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