respecting nature

It's time to look to the future paying attention to the natural environment.

Here the will to use natural materials and precious fabrics to create hight quality and sustainable blouses and shirts.

Zanetti 1965 chooses the fabrics of Albini 1876 for this purpose. A collaboration aimed to the search of innovation both sustainability.


natural elasticity - comfort - functionality - sustainability

Yoga fabrics by Albini 1876 are made from natural raw materials without the use of synthetic component thanks to the Relax Formula technology. The result is a 100% natural, resistant and breathable product.

Eco-performance is the key-word of these fabrics wich combine sustainabilty and very high performance.

Zanetti 1965 shirts and blouses made from the very precious egyptian cotton Giza 87 by Albini, have a soft and silky touch with a very brilliant effect. 


Made from TENCEL MICRO fiber, these items come from the forests of trees in South Africa, whose cultivation is managed in a sustainable way.

Tencel fiber gives the garment a silky touch and very sophisticated aspect. The fabric is resistant and breathable, comfortable and fresh in all season cause the fiber can absorb excess moisture.

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