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The paisley, an always fascinating evergreen


The paisley, also known as boteh or cachemere, is the typical ornamental pattern that resembles a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end. An ancient print used in the art of carpets, coming from Mesopotamia and typical of the Asiatic countries, that evokes exotic feelings and faraway countries.

Imported from India to Europe in the XVII century, the paisley has been an inspiration source for fashion and fabric since then till now: beloved by Joséphine Beauharnais, Napoleon’s wife and Empire style icon, it has developed in the XIX and XX century among clothes, scarves, silk fabric and light wool, laces and ribbons.

The paisley pattern with its mix of graphic and vegetable motif has become a must have for the sophisticated woman.

The plus of this pattern is its versatility, since it’s widely used not only in the woman-and manswear fashion industry, but also in the field of furniture, interior decoration and jewellery.

In the Spring Summer 2019 collection, Zanetti 1965 suggests an updated and revised paisley in a fil coupé version.

We find it elegant and refined in the total white long-sleeved shirt, perfect to be matched with soft blue denim pants.

A more informal and daily interpretation for the black and white blouse, perfect with casual trousers.

Visit the Spring Summer 2019 Collection and let you be inspired by our seasonal outfits.