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Spring Summer Collection 2018: not only woman shirts


Our Spring Summer Collection 2018 takes its inspiration from an imaginary trip designed to the discovery of the beauties of our planet: the delicate tones of the Dutch spring bouquet, the decorations of the Middle East, the colors of Burano island. The spices of the Indian markets, the yellow of curcuma, the blue depth of the ocean and the foam of the sea. The warm and intense colors that can be admired during a safari in the desert. The green of the Amazon and its luxuriant vegetation.
We have flown over the world with our imagination to capture its shades, colours and surfaces, turning them in fabrics and precious creations.

The blouse has long been the key element of every Zanetti 1965 collection, declined in various fabrics and embellished with details; nevertheless the typologies of product in our collections range from the blouse to the top, from the overshirt to the dress, from the skirt to pants. Every item can be coordinated and complement each other.

The dress is one of the most interesting item in Zanetti 1965 collection. It has been thought basic as evolution of the shirt, but not only with this purpose. The chemise liquette has inspired those items that become dresses to wear over pants for who wants to dare a fashionable outfit. Dresses are presented in different materials and based on the theme of every capsule of the collection.

The dress was initially thought as simple evolution of the shirt, but season by season it is becoming more and more important since it gives a sophisticated image offering to the woman the practicality of being dressed with only one item. In this combination our client finds the elegant and clean-cut taste that’s unique to Zanetti 1965 collection.