All the meanings of "shirt"

Every Zanetti Moda item is the result of a fusion of creativity and skills: from the study of trends to the choice of materials, from sketching on paper to the realisation of the final model. The care and dedication that go into every detail are precisely what makes every single creation so special.


abbigliamento donna made in italy

We have a passion for turning emotions into fresh, inspiring items. In order to stay on top of current trends, research and sensitivity are paramount. We strive to understand the tastes and needs of our customers, which requires active research and an aptitude for renewal: Zanetti Moda's pillars since the very beginning.


Thousands of metres of fabric enter Zanetti Moda every year: crêpe de chine, satin, georgette, popeline, muslin, jersey and many more are crafted by skilled hands, manufacturing high quality items. A final touch is added by passementerie, lace, buttons and details, which give each shirt its very own personality.

camicie donna made in italy

Timeless inspiration

Zanetti Moda is a true powerhouse: top quality materials are skilfully worked by passionate men and women, and transformed into painstakingly refined items. They have been brought to life from a sketch, from the inspiration of a moment, ever since 1965, when Luisa's hands created the very first products.